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Awakened Earth is set in a post apocalyptic near future where spirit entities have reduced Humanity to small clustering groups. Struggling to survive in new and dangerous surroundings, mercenaries and hunters hire their services to combat legendary beasts that now roam the empty cities, adventurers quest for artefacts imbued with magic and wizards study over ancient texts, seeking to unlock their arcane secrets. The Old Gods have awoken from slumber and, day by day, nature reclaims the wilderness it once owned. Go to the site and get lucky 88 pokie at our casino. Limited supply!

In the Shadow of Wraiths

There is no warning. No scent on the wind. No sound of its presence. No temperature change. No disturbance to radar or satellite. It just returns as naturally as the May early morning dew. An energy force, long dormant, replenishes itself, overflows from its natural, ancient paths and, once again, integrates itself with our world.

On May 1st, 8.00 am, great geysers of ethereal mist, swirling light and energy are spewed forth hundreds of feet high. In seconds, the mist segments into strands and wisps and, desperate for life energy, hundreds upon thousands of deadly spirits form into a blizzard of ghostly shapes and descend upon humanity and everything that lives. Coiling, wrapping and choking themselves around their victims, these violent smoke-like creatures kill millions within the first few minutes of their arrival…

Introducing both the player and the GM to the setting, In the Shadow of Wraiths chronicles the first month of Awakened Earth and provides all the information required to run games set within this time period.

Scenes from the Mall


This mini campaign scenario is set within a small shopping mall during the first month of Awakened Earth and follows the journey of the player characters as they struggle to survive in an apocalyptic nightmare where the return of magic brings wraiths, zombies, ghouls and other beasts to decimate humanity.

It can be used either as a stand-alone scenario or in conjunction with In the Shadow of Wraiths.