You'll find the best kostenlos book of ra ohne anmeldung here, you have time to get it! Short pieces (such as optional rules, rule variants, new skills, equipment, creatures and spells etc.) Can be submitted via our Contact form and we will make them available upon our Library. We do not promise any recompense for such submissions – even where they may then be published in another ParaSpace publication.

Larger works, such as scenarios and settings should be sent to submissions @ (without the spaces) along with a brief synopsis of no more than a single page. If selected for publication, ParaSpace will contact you to discuss terms. However, we will always endeavour to provide feedback for all submissions and, where incomplete works are submitted or additional input may be required, we will ask your permission to forward to a third party or to post to our Library. Go to the site and get lucky 88 pokie at our casino. Limited supply!


Initially, please send two or three colour or black and white, low resolution, pieces of work to submissions @ (without the spaces). We will retain this work on file and contact you in the event that we have a product (or a third party licensed product) that we feel may be suited to your style. Alternatively, please feel free to tempt us with any material inspired by ongoing Library based projects.


You may publish any product requiring the use of the ParaSpace Role Playing System  (including web based material) as long as you adhere to the following:

Are you going to have fun today? Can't help but recommend you the indian slots. Remove any doubts. All in your hands. You must first seek permission from ParaSpace (this is usually granted except in cases of offensive or insensitive material).
You must always include the ParaSpace logo on the front cover of your product (a logo will be supplied to you once permission to publish is granted).
You must provide a hard-copy to ParaSpace (including a print out of any web only material).You must provide a url link or web address to the ParaSpace web site.
You must not reproduce any part of the ParaSpace rules beyond “fair usage” where such reproduction would mean that purchase of the ParaSpace rules is no longer required.
You may reference rule page numbers.
You may not reproduce any material that appears on the Forum or Library without prior consent from ParaSpace (this is usually given for rule variants/options or new skills and spells etc. but may require further discussion for setting or adventure based material).
You agree to defer copyright to ParaSpace of any alternative, optional or expanded rules, magical effects, items etc. in order that they may be reproduced on the Library, Forum or other related (published or non published) articles or products.

ParaSpace reserves the right to revoke or alter any aspect of this license, without notification, as it deems necessary.